The Wedding Quilt

I had only every joked to my mom that she should make us a wedding quilt. I didn’t expect that she would actually tackle the task and give us this beautiful masterpiece! It all started about a decade ago when one of my cousins got married, my aunt (her mom) made her and her new husband a “double wedding ring” patterned quilt. I remember it being huge and tons of tiny blue pieces stitched into interconnected circles on a white back ground. That’s when the wedding quilt ‘tradition’ started. I say tradition loosely, I can’t recall if all the married cousins on my moms side have a quilt or not. However, last year, there was another quilt presented to my cousin made by her mom (same aunt) on the occasion of her wedding. A very colorful block quilt.

This past summer at our rehearsal dinner my mom presented the top of the quilt to us, and we were quite surprised. She had it machine quilted by a professional which took a good 6 weeks, I can’s imagine how long it would take by hand! She chose a beach theme because of our love for the ocean. You can even see the shell detail in the stitching. This is a large quilt, and its meant to be used. It looks great in our room! Now if only I could change the color of the walls here…

We finally just received the finished quilt when we were back in Seattle for the holidays. I had to squeeze it into my carry-on bag. Apparently quilts are known to disappear from baggage?! So don’t ever check one onto a flight or ship one!












Thanks for the wonderful quilt Mom!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Awww, you are so very welcome, it was a joy to make this for you two. I’m really happy with the way it turned out and loved spending my time making it.

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