Kitchen Refresh + Coffee Bar

Kitchen Refresh

If you’ve been following along on Instagram recently you may have seen that I was on a painting roll recently. I painted the bedroom hallways, the living room, the dining room and the kitchen! I’m hoping to get to the family room next month. It’s so nice to have put our own personal touch on our house and not have that horrid brown color. It was also all flat paint, which is not ideal for a kitchen area so it’s nice to have a surface that can easily be cleaned now.

I’m tempted to add a stainless steal backsplash piece behind the stove like this one here.

Paint is Toasty Gray by BEHR found at The Home Depot. I chose to do the same color for the dining room, living room, bedroom hallways and the family room since they are all somewhat open to each other.

Coffee Bar

I’ve been wanting to do a coffee bar in the kitchen for a while now and after painting the kitchen it seemed like the perfect time. I love being able to hang up my pretty mugs and have all of my whale-y fun coffee and tea stuff out. It helps that the kitchen is big enough for this. For specific items you see here keep reading.

Coffee Bar details:

Rail | S hooks | Under cabinet lightMugs | Cream and sugar set | Reusable coffee pods | Coffee scoop, similar here and here| Whale bowl, gift but you can find similar and similar | Whale spoon rest/ tea bag holder, also a gift but this one is cute | Tea box, similar here |

Nectarine Blueberry Greek Yogurt Cake

You may have also seen on Instagram I posted a picture of a nectarine blueberry greek yogurt cake. Recipe can be found here

Guest Bedroom Refresh


Here’s the bedroom shortly after we moved in. My original plan was to have the room be purple and gray with a bit of teal but it made the room feel much too dark. The purple duvet cover was from when I was in college too.


Please forgive the questionable quality of photos, my nice camera is acting up and sadly I’m out of practice shooting things. Until I can get the nice(er) camera working again and get back into practice taking pictures these will have to do. The room has a nice new refreshing paint color, called permafrost by BEHR. Scroll down for all the individual details about the room and where to find it all.

I’d love to update the light fixture, find a different clock and replace the carpet. The closet doors are mirrored currently (not pictured) but I’d love to frost those over as well. There is also one more picture that needs to be framed and hung up. Also, doors for the bottom half of the book case to hide all of our old college text books… maybe? or I guess we could just donate them because they are so dang heavy and every time we move thats a lot of weight.

In the room:

Curtains: similar here | Shades | Curtain rod: similar here | Lamp: shade, base, and here | Bed frame| Duvet | Sheets | Quilt: I made it, check it out here | Paint | Rug tutorial here | Hook rack tutorial here | Bookcase| trunk: similar here | Magazine file holders | Side tables: here and an old piece that I spray painted… can’t find anything similar | Art: custom 😉 but check this place out | Picture ledge tutorial here | I’d love to add this light fixture | How cool would this clock look? |

This room features quite a bit of my gramma’s watercolor artwork.

Want to make your guests feel at home? Provide your wifi password in a cute frame! Sometimes we feel like we’re running a bed and breakfast with the amount of people visiting. Its not a bad thing by any means, we missed seeing people frequently while we were in Virginia. California is a better vacation destination for our west coast based friends and family.

This quilt I made after I graduated college, it’s a twin sized quilt so it works well as a throw on this guest bed. Not that this bed needs more bedding on it because it stays relatively warm here in southern California. It’s more for ‘decoration’ haha.

The vase is something that my brother got for me in Montana, isn’t it cool?

This trunk is from J’s old academy days. Honestly we’re surprised it’s lasted this long. At least it looks kinda cool in the guest bedroom?

Master Bathroom Refresh


So you may have read all about my attempted Guest Bathroom Refresh. Now here is the Master Bathroom Refresh.


This picture from the listing. I forgot to take before pictures of when I painted. Oops. Again, that horrible flat tan paint. I guess it kind of works with the tile and granite but eww, so much tan. I prefer cool tones and this warm sandy color is really getting old.


Ahh, a brighter paint color in semi-gloss! Same with the guest bathroom ( BEHR premium plus ultra in Shiny Luster), I still need to touch up the base boards, install floating shelves over the toilet and hang artwork but at least we don’t have plumbing issues with this bathroom (knock on wood). We also had to hang towel bars and a shower curtain and I bought a little dish, soap pump and tumbler that sit on the counter. Gotta love Target!


Look at that real life, non-staged bathroom! Can I just say first of all how amazing it is to have two bathrooms in this house! And second, that we have two sinks and tons of counter space in the master bathroom! Its fantastic!

I’m debating doing some kind of stencil pattern on that far wall… hmmm. Thoughts?


I’ll try and post another update of both bathrooms once I get the shelves and artwork situation worked out. Until then, I’ll probably tackle the paint situations in the Guest Bedroom and Master Bedroom. Stay tuned for those refreshes as well.

If we end up keeping this house for a while I’d love to eventually replace (or paint) the cabinets, and replace the floor and counters with something a bit more contemporary. We’ll see…

Guest Bathroom Refresh


I’m calling this a guest bathroom refresh, because we haven’t done any major changes except hang a shower curtain, and hand towel bar and paint. But boy does that paint make a difference. I’m not in love with the color, but it makes a huge difference. I actually did both bathrooms the same color, it’s BEHR premium plus ultra in Shiny Luster.

This house is a beige wonderland, just about every room right now (except my studio, J’s man cave and now both bathrooms) is the exact same beige/brown/tan color and its all flat paint. I really dislike flat paint, and its a terrible choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Just having semi-gloss in the bathrooms makes a huge difference. I haven’t touched up the trim work yet, or added the floating shelves I want, or hung artwork, it’ll happen eventually, but first we need to fix the plumbing… keep reading to find out what’s wrong.

Guest Bathroom Refresh



Here’s the picture from the listing.


Right after we moved in we had this white over the toilet cabinet in the bathroom too, but its already a small space and it made it feel that much smaller. Plus, it was from our old place and hadn’t faired the move well so it was a bit wobbly.





Unfortunately, this is as far is the bathroom is going right now. I’d love to add some floating shelves and art work down the road but we’ve run into some plumbing issues that need to be resolved before we can do anymore. Who ever did the remodel/flip of this bathroom poured thinset/grout down the toilet pipe and now we need to get the closet bend replaced. Turns out this is a common thing with older homes that have been flipped in this area. Our plumber was not surprised at all. But seriously, who does that? Who pours grout down the drain?! I’ve tiled a bathroom before, all you have to do is tape over the pipe so it doesn’t happen. Lesson learned. I doubt we’ll ever buy a flipped house again, next time its new or we remodel it ourselves. I’m learning all kinks of DIY skills from this place.




So there’s the guest bathroom refresh. What do you think of the paint color?