DIY Hook rack

DIY Hook Rack:

Aren’t those whale hooks cute!! I got one as a gift and then I happened to find two more at Hobby Lobby of all places. I knew once I had a set of three that I should make a hook rack for somewhere in the house. I finally settled on the guest bedroom where it should get plenty of use.

Supplies needed:

wood piece | spray paint | tape – blue painters tape and washi tape worked for me | craft or leftover interior paint | small paint brush | hooks | back mounting hardware |


I took yet another piece of leftover side yard gate fence wood and trimmed the edges up. I then sanded it down and cleaned it off. I stained it a mahogany color and then sanded it a bit to ‘distress’ it.

I then cleaned it off again and taped the different sections that I wanted to remain stained.

Make sure you prep your area for spray paint. Using an old moving box worked for me.

After spray painting, I filled in with leftover bedroom paint color for the other blue stripe.

Once the paint was dry I coated it in a clear sealing spray paint.

I measured where I wanted the hooks to go and added the screws to mount them. I also added hardware to the back to hang it up.


Its now on display in the guest bedroom! I know for sure I’ll get some use over the next could of months.

Fabric Covered Letter DIY


Monograms appear to be popular again this year, or really for the past year-ish. I remember in high school they were super trendy too, I had a shirt or two with the initial L on them. They went away for a few years though, or at least I didn’t notice them quite as much. They are huge in the south however, especially with the collegiate and younger crowd. Its fun to see a comeback and how creative some people can get with the letters. You may have seen on Instagram my monogram pumpkin. 

I saw some fabric covered letters at Michaels a few months ago and thought they were pretty cool but I wasn’t going to pay for theirs when I could make my own that would compliment my studio better. So here is my version of the fabric covered letter DIY.



cardboard 3D letter from craft store (I found mine at Jo-ann’s)

Hot glue gun and glue

fabric of choice (scraps or a fat quarter should be just fine)


Fabric Letter DIY


Make sure you have enough fabric and heat up your glue gun. I had thought about adding a layer of batting to make it extra plushy, but it refused to be hot glued onto the letter. So I just went with the fabric.


Carefully glue the fabric taking care to wrap around the letter if you choose that look. Its best to work in sections and not glue it all at once.


Trim any excess. An L is pretty easy shape to work with – lucky me. I imagine an S or M might be trickier. dsc_0132

Wrap it up like a present!dsc_0133

Ta-da, a fabric covered letter DIY! Decorating my studio more! I may end up hanging it up on the wall later, but for now its just sitting on my shelf. dsc_0134


Dream Studio

I honestly can’t wait until we move again. I really want to turn this vision of a dream studio into a reality. Sadly we have to wait until early next summer to move. We have a pretty big wishlist of things we want at our next place, and we’re hoping the location we get will allow for us to have some of those wishes fulfilled.We’d love to have a garage and a fenced in yard, at least 1.5 baths and 3 bed rooms and a decent sized kitchen. And I want one of those bedrooms to be my dedicated crafting space… so here’s wishful thinking.I’m also really hoping that we’re close to an Ikea. Man that place is amazing for organization furniture. I really want a Kallax shelving unit.


For now I’ll just have to collect ideas and dream of the perfect studio. You can check out all of my studio ideas here. Below are a few ideas I’m been liking lately.



photo: Katelyn James



photo: smashed peas and carrots

Do you have your own dedicated craft space? What do you love about it? What would you change? Let me know in the comments!

Drink Koozies

I made some Drink Koozies to help keep our bottled beverages cool in this ridiculous summer heat. J requested pirate and anchors for his, I made a whale and purple one for me and for my brother a Seahawks and green Batik. I forgot to take a picture of my brothers finished one though. So you’ll have to pretend it looks really good. So far they work great for keeping our drinks cool and contain the condensation.

I followed this pattern from Positively Splendid. I didn’t have any fusible fleece (just medium weight felt), which is why mine came out more lumpy, if you have it, I suggest you use it. I used my walking foot for sewing it all together because it was so thick. Overall it was an easy afternoon project.




Project Notebook

I love having a creative mind and I love coming up with fun projects to do. There never seems to be a shortage of ideas for me, thanks to Pinterest I can collect them all. Sometimes I get so many ideas going at once its overwhelming and I need to walk away for a minute to regroup my ideas. With all of these ideas it gets hard to commit to one particular project. The first cut of fabric or stroke of paint is always the hardest for me.

I try not to have multiple projects going on at once because it can get confusing and I’m short on crafting space. What helps me stay organized is having a project notebook, or in my case notebooks.


I’ve got a small notebook that lists the ideas I want to work on, supplies needed and bullet points of steps, sometimes even a sketch. This smaller notebook I can toss into my purse for when I hit up the craft stores. I also have larger notebooks for when I’m working on those projects where I have more room to sketch and make changes to patterns.



I’ve got a binder and folder where I keep patterns and samples.




The project notebook system seems to be working out well for me. So does the blogging, because it gives me a reason to take pictures and document all the projects that I do. I love being able to share the projects that I complete here on the blog and I hope you guys do too.


Does anyone else have a project notebook or two? How do you keep your projects organized?