Mustache and Beer Bash


Memorial day weekend was almost a month ago, I can’t believe it! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday with a Mustache and Beer Bash theme. The party included beer flavored cupcakes, a beer tasting and pub snacks, temporary mustache tattoos and fuzzy stick on mustaches, and custom decorations. Read all the way through to find the free printable!

Mustache and Beer Bash

The giant ’60’ was from another memorable 60th birthday at the cabin that we were able to reuse for this event. My mom made the wood and bottle cap ‘Beer’ sign using hot glue. Turned out pretty great! The letter J covered in bottle caps was also a crafty idea of my mom’s while I made the frame with the bottle caps and all of the graphics. We reused 6-pack holders for snacks such as popcorn, peanuts, cheese-its mix and pretzels.

The beers were selected from World Market, we tasted in order from light to dark. There were actually two rounds, the second round had another dark beer, a sour beer, hard root beer, hard iced tea, hard ginger beer and hard pear cider. Twelve drinks were tasted in total, which seems like a lot however we used small party shot glasses with mustache stickers to taste the different beers. Don’t worry we didn’t fill them full. We also tried to take our time consuming the drinks. Gramma seemed to really enjoy the drinks too, and she doesn’t usually drink!

We used a bunch of pictures of my dad through the years to decorate as well as custom beer bottle labels. I brought my Instax mini Camera to capture some of the mustache shenanigans. I also made Chocolate Stout Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting adapted from this recipe. The wood rounds may look familiar from the Forest Friends Baby Shower!

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Free Printable:

grab a ‘stache

birthday chalkboard

Celebrating Independence day and my mom’s birthday!

I’ve finally managed to get my computer to limp along after a hick-up earlier in the month. Hence the lack of posts. My pictures and documents were transported to the mystical region of who-knows-where and thankfully relocated by my tech savvy husband. I suspect the hick-up was due to the ominous release of windows 10, which my computer is too old to support. Thanks Dell… So we’ve been researching new computers. My current dream computer is the new iMac 27 inch with Retina display. *sigh* At least my iPad mini works for most of my needs.

Here’s a recap of how we celebrate independence day, Cabin style and my mom’s birthday.

For the 4th of July, I painted a couple of mason jars that we stuck flags, pinwheels and glow sticks in. We also had patriotic lei’s.


We also decorated our front porch for our family photo.





Our own personal fireworks show, we cheered from the deck wearing our glow bracelets, headbands and necklaces.


Traditional white cake with strawberries and blueberries.



For my mom’s birthday, I collected a bunch of pictures of her to string along the mantle.


I also painted some mason jars and a frame with a printable and a special challis for her to use for the weekend.



On a side note, if the pictures publish sideways, I have no idea why. They’re correct in my editor.