Baby Tag Toy DIY

Baby Tag Toy DIY

I actually made three of these in one sitting they are that easy to  make. Two for my cousin who is having twins (see Forest Friends Baby Shower) and one cousin who had a little one last summer. I know of a few more babies this spring and summer so I imagine I’ll be making more of these here shortly.

Supplies needed:

fabric (fat quarters or scraps work well)

crinkle material (optional – I used a clean cereal bag)


basic sewing supplies

How to:

Start by cutting your fabric and crinkle material, I chose 5″x5″, you really could make it larger or smaller. Also cut your ribbon – I went with 4″ pieces folded over to 2″ pieces.

Create a sandwich with your fabric and ribbon. Fabric right sides together with the ribbon between the two, add crinkle on top of sandwich.


Sandwich like this!


Next, sew all the way around your square, leaving an opening (~3″) to turn the project right side out.


Trim your corners to easily turn the fabric.


Stitch the opening closed once you’ve turned the fabric and top stitch 1/4″ all the way around.


I added chains to the gifts so they can be attached to carseats or strollers.

Baby Ribbon Block

Baby Ribbon block

Before you get all excited, it was my cousin who had a little girl the end of last month and I wanted to make something fun for her. I had seen a similar project at a quilt store and wanted to create my own version for her. Its a simple quiet toy that helps develop fine motor skills (grabbing the block ribbon pieces), and babies love to put tags in their mouths so it keeps them entertained. I went with visually stimulating colors.

I hand delivered the block when I went to visit, along with a stew mix and lots of other foods (kale salad, sweet potato black bean sliders, cookies…) It was really good to see some family. If it wasn’t a 3 and a half hour drive to Durham I would visit more!

Baby Ribbon Block

What you’ll need:

2 or more coordinating fabrics

Wide woven fusible interfacing (I used SF-101 by Pellon)

Stuffing and ribbon

And obviously thread, ruler, pensil, pins and scissors


(6) 5×5 squares of fabrics (I did 3 of each)

(6) 5×5 squares interfacing

ribbon in varying lengths


Start by matching up the interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric squares and iron in place.


Selection of ribbon pieces.




Line up the blocks the way you want with a bit of ribbon. Pin in place.


Sew from 1/2 inch on each end. Make sure you mark 1/2 inch to know where to start and stop. I recommend doing a back stitch or lock stitch to keep from coming apart. I used a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Sew one line of blocks and then add the two on the side to make a ‘T’ making sure to start and stop 1/2″ from each edge. Once you have a ‘T’, join the long strip together, end to end. Now you should have a box with two flaps. Sew the flaps (T pieces) to the box, only leave a 2-3 inch opening on one side to turn right side out and fill with stuffing. Once you’ve stuffed the block, stitch the block closed. Working in 3D can be challenging, I had trouble with the corners.