PCS moving countdown {plus free moving checklists}


Its been a million miles a minute over here as we prepare to move to California in 29 days!! As if its not crazy enough just moving across the country, we decided to buy a house (still in the process, but hey, a place of our very own!). More on the house later in another post. Right now lets talk about PCS*-ing.

First things first, I made a moving timeline and PCS road trip essentials to share. AND a fancy PCS folder to hold essential paperwork (more on that later in another post too Here)! Organization is in my DNA, thankfully that part comes easy to me. I’d like to say I’ve checked a lot off the list, but we did get a slow start on some of the earlier stuff because of government hurdles mostly. The packing list is ideal for a road trip scenario where you’ll be camping half the time. I’ll be doing another post later on our road trip plans, stay tuned.

Moving Timeline

PCS road trip essentials

Click to download PDF free printable: Moving TimelinePCS road trip essentials

Got those printed out? Good. Now you can start slowly losing your mind! Just kidding. I’m a pretty serious list maker (thanks Mom!), but lately I’ve been trying a different technique called brain  mapping. This is todays brain map. Its almost noon and I’ve done… 2 things (once I publish this post that is). Yikes, better get cracking. IMG_0476


*PCS – Permanent Change of Station

Disclaimer: This is the second time I’ve moved with J, he moved once from Connecticut to Seattle without me. Our first move together was three years ago to Virginia. So this whole PCS thing is still newish to me. Obviously, for those of you who are pro’s at it feel free to share in the comments your tips and tricks. I’m no expert, this is just how we’r moving this time around.