Orca Quilt – finished

I finished the orca quilt! Its all done. And you know what I did after I was done, looked at other quilt patterns and played with my fabric. Its an obsession I swear. Confessions of a fabric hoarder right here… Even though I swore I wouldn’t do another quilt for a long time, I’m itching to start another. Maybe not a twin size like this one was, maybe something smaller. I can’t help wanting to start another quilt, its too much fun playing with fabric! I think before I make any big steps starting another quilt, I’ll learn to machine quilt with my walking foot. Maybe start with some more table runners. Although, I did see some cute Seattle Seahawks, sailboat and Lighthouse designs…




This dog loves the camera, must have been a model in another life because he sees me get the camera out and follows me until I take his picture.



We had snow yesterday, its been so cold I had to toss the flannel duvet cover on the down comforter to keep us warm!




Its a perfect size for snuggling on the couch with. Gizmo couldn’t wait for me to finish before he wanted to lay on it. Its already covered in dog hair. I Have yet to wash it. That will make it nice and fluffy. So there you have it, the orca quilt is all finished!

You can read about the orca quilt’s journey here.