Memorial day weekend

First off, we made chocolate ice cream on Saturday night. Well, it was more like chocolate soup, it didn’t have ice cream consistency. It could have been the bowl wasn’t frozen enough, or the fact that I used fat free half and half… who knows. I made french toast with Rumchata for breakfast on Saturday and J grilled us burgers (veggie for me) for dinner.

And I made PILLOWS!  I followed this blog for the envelope pillow case tutorial. Its super easy, you just need pillow forms and you could a bunch of cases to change out every season.

I bought pretty new fabric.
I bought 2 new pillow forms, and used two we had already
my little sewing space. I really need a full sized ironing board…
envelope back
Gizmo posing with the new pillows on the couch. He loves pillows…

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