ikeaFour months ago when I was at IKEA buying my studio KALLAX system I picked up a couple of their SIGNE rugs thinking that I would turn them into a floor pouf for the patio. I found a few patterns that I could have made work, but ultimately I didn’t want to cut the rugs. My sewing machine wouldn’t have been able to handle the material and I knew my fingers would find it challenging to hand stitch a floor pouf that would last.There are quite a few fun hacks for the SIGNE rug, from pillows, a basket and a purse, check out this site for some fun ideas. If you want more inspiration check out IKEA Hackers for all kinds of projects with IKEA products.

YesterdayI was digital window shopping for rugs (again) for the family room, master bedroom and guest bedroom. I pulled out the SIGNE rugs and thought, why don’t I sew them together and see what happens! Turns out it is possible to combine 3 of them into one super rug. Although, my fingers are a bit sore.


Materials needed:

SIGNE rug or other smaller rugs

large needle

cotton string or heavy thread


seam ripper




You’ll want to use a seam ripper to remove the tag. dsc_0004

Next use that giant needle and cotton string to stitch up the rugs. dsc_0005

Well would you look at that. One big SIGNE rug! I’m almost tempted to go to IKEA and pick up 3 or 6 more and make the rug even bigger (I’ll keep you posted if I decide to tackle this). Right now I’m leaning towards placing it in the living room because the navy (yes it is in fact NAVY) stripes go with the nautical theme happening in there. I have this rug from World Market in the living room right now, but I may move it to the master bedroom.


What do you thing? Worth a try yourself?