Forest friends Baby Shower


In late February I hosted a baby shower for my cousin who is having twins this summer. We decided to go with the forest friends/ woodland creature theme for her and the babies. Check out the Pinterest board inspiration here!


In keeping with the forest theme, we filled vases and mason jars with twigs, branches and babies breath, placed pinecones and wood rounds around and found some fun little forest animal pieces to work with. Printables, I made at can be found here and here.

The onesies I made, keep an eye out for future blog post on how to! I also made the diaper cakes, that too will be a blog post in the future.

The cake/food stands out of the wood rounds were pretty fun, as well as the animal print fabric for the table. The rounds were logs up until a week before that my dad cut. They were still pretty green so we attempted to dry them in a low heat oven. It sort of worked but I would not recommend it unless you really like the smell of damp lumber. We did manage to dry them fairly well in front of the fire for a few days, but day of they were still pretty green. However, it was considerably cheaper than going to the craft store for their wood rounds.

These were made with wood circles from the craft store. We took a brown marker to the sides to give them a live edge look and placed some fun stickers on them.

These adorable little animals I found online from We Lived Happily Ever After. I made the pom-poms.



I had some family help me out with the creative dishes like the owl veggie platter, hedgehog/ porcupine cheese ball, ‘forest berries and twigs, and the little caprice ‘mushrooms’.

(Intentional pun with “wright”, that’s their last name)


Games and Activities

Not pictured, but we asked guests bring books instead of cards to start the twins library.

The mom-to-be’s sister created the guest book idea! Isn’t it sooo cute!

(again, intentional “Wright” pun because of their last name.)

The mom-to-be’s sister also created a question game and a ‘guess the number of socks game’. It was perfect!

This is a game I kind of made up based off of a picture we saw on pinterest, there were no instructions so we had to make it up. I had the couple send me selfies and I cut them into strips and organized them based on forehead, eyes, noes, mouth and chin. Everyone got a piece of paper and I passed 5 envelopes with eyes, nose, etc… around and guests glued them onto the paper. They wrote their name on the back and passed them to the mom-to-be, she picked the winner. It was quite hilarious!

The other game we played was ‘are you my mother’ where you write the name of the baby animal that corresponds to the adult name.  Are you my mother?

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  1. Jody says:

    It was a really fun shower, Liza, and you did a great job with all the decor, games, food, etc. Way to go!

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