Fabric Pentagon Bowl

When my mom was in town at the end of April we made these pentagon bowls with some fun batik fabrics. These bowls can easily be accomplished in a day if you’re motivated. We thought they might make good thread catchers for sewing or for jewelry. Maybe not so great for food because they can’t be washed due to the paper lining.

First, you’ll need to cut out 12 paper pentagons, all the same size. You can determine how big of a bowl you want based off the size of pentagon you make.

Then you cut 12 pieces of fabric leaving a generous 1/3 inch on all sides. I used paper clips to help hold the fabric in place while I sewed the fabric to the paper. You can either stitch through all the layers and rip out the stitches after you sew together your bowl. Or just stitch the fabric overlap, which is what I did. These are both paper piecing techniques.



After you’ve sewn all twelve fabric pieces to the paper. Start sewing the pentagons together.


Sew one outer bowl and one inner bowl.



Line the outer and inner bowls up and sew together along the top.




Ta-Da! Now you have a fabric pentagon bowl!






Think of all the fun you could have making pentagon bowls with different fabrics! So many options! I guess you could even turn it into a ball if you wanted?