Dog Leash Hanger DIY

I’ve been wanting to do a dog leash hanger DIY for a while now and finally got around to it. You can tell by my Pinterest board PUPPY that I clearly found some inspiration but didn’t want to a) spend the money and b) didn’t want to wait any longer.

Dog Leash Hanger

This was such an easy project! I picked up a piece of wood and the wooden letters from Michaels. The wood is 11.5″ x 8.5″ and cost $10.99 and the letters were $0.99 each (but I used a 20% off entire purchase coupon so I paid $8.79 and 4x $.079 = $11.95). I went with WOOF, I thought about spelling out Gizmo or Walk or something witty. Woof seems appropriate now because after I hung it up Gizmo sat and stared at it quietly woofing. I got the hooks from Bed, Bath and Beyond, they come in a two pack for $2.99 each (used a coupon so they were only $2.05 each). All said and done it only cost me $16.05 +tax for this project, now go look at the ones I pinned and see how much they cost, hint $20-40. You could do it even cheaper too with reclaimed wood, and more coupons.

I suppose you could paint the wood if you desire, that would be the first step. However, I chose to go with a simple natural wood look. I placed the hooks at 2″, 4.5″, 7″ and 9.5″. For the letters I started with the W .5″ from the left and the F .5″ from the right and centered the O’s. I used tacky glue to stick the letters on. I screwed the hooks on by hand (make sure that whatever hooks you buy aren’t longer than your piece of wood is thick!).

I stuck command tape on the back of the wood to hang it on the wall. The main point of this project is to have something we can move around and not make holes in the walls with, plus easy access of the leash by the front door. I use command velcro for everything!! Its amazing if you’re a renter. And they aren’t even sponsoring this post haha.