DIY Tire Ottoman

Shortly after we moved into the house, J got some much needed new tires for his car. He had the wheels and tires mounted and balanced by the company so all we had to do was pop off the old ones and put on the new ones. This left us with 4 tires that sat in the garage and old shed for quite a few months. Then the shed had to come down so the tires got relocated to the driveway for a few more months. Until last week we had just thought about putting them out at the curb with a free sign, but who would want 4 very worn and mismatched tires with wheels? Luckily, I had a stroke of genius, DIY tire ottoman! We’re prepping for our big Oktoberfest party here next weekend and can always use more seating for the event so why not!! For less than $40 I was able to create 4 tire ottomans for the patio. Plus, its an up-cycle, repurposed, greenish project!!


old tires

Spray paint primer

spray paint colors are vintage turquoise and green apple

plywood (had from shed demo)

Jig Saw

cushion material 

outdoor fabric ~ 1.5 yards for 4 tires (watch for sale or use a coupon)

staple gun with staples


Start by cleaning the tires really good. I used car wash soap with a sturdy brush, followed by a degreaser to really get the dirt off.


Measure the wheel well of the tire and cut rounds with jig saw out of plywood to cover it. You can math it and use a pencil with string or do like I did and find an object that was the same size and trace it, in this case an empty planter. I would recommend sanding the wood a bit if its rough, I however failed to do this step until it was too late.


Pick up a priming spray paint and give it a quick coat to help the spray paint adhere to the tire. Also, if you don’t want spray paint all over your patio, cover it with a plastic tarp or cardboard.

It took about a can and a half to cover two tires with spray paint. I did two coats, flipping the tires between the coast to get all directions of the tread.


I knew for my tires that they were 19′ inches across so I would need fabric that was slightly bigger to fold over the ends. The foam cushion doesn’t fit 100% but it was the best/ cheapest option.

Make a sandwich with the fabric, cushion and wood. Notice I painted the wood, that part was optional.

Wrap the fabric around the wood like a present and staple away!



Place the tires where you would like them and top with the cushions you just made! I plan on bringing in my cushions most days when the tires are not in use. This will help to preserve the fabric from the CA sun and dust.