DIY Rustic Biergarten Sign


The other day I posted about hosting your own Oktoberfest party and I pointed out one of the decorations – the rustic Biergarten sign.


DIY Rustic Biergarten Sign

Chose your font and size. I used to create my letters, but word or page would also work. Print out your paper and carefully cut out the letters. I used my little Slice ceramic blade.


Piece the paper together if you needed to and tape down to your plank. I used a scrap of leftover incense cedar from our fence building project. Maybe eventually I’ll do a yard tour so you can see the new side yard fence.


Carefully paint the letters. I only needed one coat of paint.



Touch up as needed with a finer tipped brush if needed.


Once the paint is dry, coat it with a clear coat to protect it – especially if its going outside.


It looked perfect on the mantle for Oktoberfest. I may end up drilling holes and adding a rope to hang it up in the yard. We’ll see.