DIY Onesies iron-on


If you recall, back in February I threw a shower for my cousin who is having twins (really, any day now). We did a fun Forest Friends theme. I made these DIY iron-on onesies as a gift that doubled as decoration for the shower.

DIY Onesies Iron-on

Step one:

Create your graphic. I used to create mine. Make sure you do a couple of test prints before you print on your T-shirt transfers. Your design should be mirrored so that when you transfer it, it reads the correct way.

You can download mine here (best friends iron on template) for your own personal use, keep in mind they work for twins or siblings. If you make your own, share them in the comments!

Step two:

Gather your supplies and get to work. I used Avery T-shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printers for Light-colors and I got 3-6mo onesies at Target in a 5 pack. You’ll need an iron and a hard wood surface to iron on, as well as a printer. Follow the instructions on the T-shirt transfers.


Back Story: Twin Brain is a family joke we have, my brother and I look and act a lot alike even though we’re 2.5 years apart we joke we’re 2.5 minutes apart.  We tried to convince strangers we were twins when we were in High School. My cousin has since also joined in on this as “cousin brain” because we also think alike. The three of us were really close growing up. Even though we’re all grown and live far apart, we try to make time to Skype and FaceTime regularly.