Cloth Napkins DIY


My brother made a request for cloth napkins for his birthday this year. It took me a while to find a fabric I was happy with, I found this one at a new quilt shop in Snohomish, WA. This cloth napkin DIY is super easy, beginner sewing project that make a wonderful gift for birthday, house warming, mothers day, holidays, anniversary, wedding or shower. Plus, cloth napkins are eco-friendly. Instead of buying disposable paper ones, you can use these over and over again.

Cloth Napkin DIY

Supplies needed:

I purchased two yards of fabric, washed it and cut it down to 18″x18″ squares. Two yards make 8 cloth napkins.

hemming ruler

rotary cutter and ruler

sewing machine

iron and ironing board

matching thread


How to:

I used the little hemming ruler to measure and iron 1/4″, then fold that 1/4″ over and ironed again. I pinned the hem in place.

Stitch 1/8″ all the way around, I did a pivot turn at the corners.

Pivot turn. Make sure you tie off the threads at the end by pulling through to the underside. You  could also do a couple of reverse stitches at the beginning and end to ensure that they last a long time.

Finished napkins are about 17″ square. Perfect lunch sized napkins. Typically dinner sized napkins are 22″-24″ while buffet napkins are 27″, cocktail are 6″ while Hors D’oeuvres are 13″. So, if you want to create a whole collection of napkins you could plan on making the different sizes for different occasions.

I suppose if you wanted a more bohemian/ eclectic look, you could collect a bunch of coordinating fat-quarters and make napkins with those. But I like how these ones turned out, slightly modern with a little asian inspiration. If you really wanted to you could dye your own fabric and make napkins too. You could even make your own napkin rings to go with!

Baby Tag Toy DIY

Baby Tag Toy DIY

I actually made three of these in one sitting they are that easy to  make. Two for my cousin who is having twins (see Forest Friends Baby Shower) and one cousin who had a little one last summer. I know of a few more babies this spring and summer so I imagine I’ll be making more of these here shortly.

Supplies needed:

fabric (fat quarters or scraps work well)

crinkle material (optional – I used a clean cereal bag)


basic sewing supplies

How to:

Start by cutting your fabric and crinkle material, I chose 5″x5″, you really could make it larger or smaller. Also cut your ribbon – I went with 4″ pieces folded over to 2″ pieces.

Create a sandwich with your fabric and ribbon. Fabric right sides together with the ribbon between the two, add crinkle on top of sandwich.


Sandwich like this!


Next, sew all the way around your square, leaving an opening (~3″) to turn the project right side out.


Trim your corners to easily turn the fabric.


Stitch the opening closed once you’ve turned the fabric and top stitch 1/4″ all the way around.


I added chains to the gifts so they can be attached to carseats or strollers.

Sew Easy 20 Minute Pot Holder



Happy Birthday to my husband! We like our craft beer in this house, so much that we brew our own from time to time. We may have our own two tap keg-orator in our living room and a Washington State beer Cap map as well as a few other novelty beer decorations. So, I thought it would be fitting if I made J some of his own brewing pot holders. I found this fabric (similar) about a year ago at Jo-Ann’s and knew I needed to make something for him with it.

Sew Easy 20 Minute Pot Holders

Supplies needed:

2-3 Fat quarters (or more) fabric

Insul-brite  or other thermal/heat resistant lining (I had bout about 1/2 yard for some Koozies)


Extra wide double fold bias tape (1 package made two for me)

Walking foot for your sewing machine (the project is pretty thick, and it would be challenging without one)


Cut your fabric:

I had a specific width I could work with because of the pattern of the front piece but you can adjust the size if you want something less rectangular. Cut one small front, one inner pocket lining (solid black in this case) 6″ x 6″, cut two for the back pieces (6″ x 10″).

2- 6″x6″

2- 6″ x 10″


Cut one 6″ x 6″ and one 6″ x 10″ of insul-bright. and layer with right sides facing out!



Next, stitch the front pocket bias tape. Follow this tutorial for how to sew on bias tape.


Stack your front pocked onto the back piece.


Follow that same tutorial to apply the bias tape to the whole project.



Check that out! Sew easy right?? I suppose if you wanted to get really fancy with the bias tape you could make a loop to hang, but I chose the simple route.



Let me know if you try making these! They make great gifts (because you know the holidays are coming up). I may make a few more in just some fun fabrics for my kitchen. We’ll see.

DIY Design Board

As mentioned in my Studio Reveal post, here is the DIY Design Board. It’s really easy to make one, and there are a few tutorials out there, but I worked with what I had and crafted this piece. So far its workout out perfectly.

DIY Design Board

I had a few pieces of foam core board lying around so I placed them on the floor and trimmed them up to make one big piece. I used packing tape to hold them together. Tape front and back.


I then used strait sewing pins to attached blanket batting to the board. I only needed a crib sized piece, depending on the size of your wall/ design board you can determine how much batting you need. There are a few safety pins as well holding the corners. I saw that someone else had used duct tape, which isn’t a bad idea either. They also used a spray adhesive to attach the batting to to styrofoam. Both are good ideas, it just depends on how much work you want to put into it or how permanent you want it to be. DSC_0054

Careful not to stick the pins straight through the board but to just catch the board. You don’t want to be running your hand over the board and get pricked. DSC_0055


I used command picture hanging strips to hang it up on the wall. DSC_0058


Studio Reveal

Hello Everyone! Long time no see! I admit its been way to long since I’ve posted but its for good reason, moving across the country and owning a home is time consuming. Especially when there’s a bit of work to do.

Lets recap the past few months, you’ll recall that my last few posts were about moving from VA to CA. On July 8, J, Gizmo and I set out on a cross country road trip to California. We got into our new home the evening of the 13th and our stuff was delivered the very next day. A few days after that my family was in town and we cranked out a few projects like building a new gate for the side yard, a shed door and closing off one of the walls in the shed, installing motion/solar lights, building a gazebo on the patio, deep cleaning the house, installing new appliances, swapping out shower heads and toilet seats, hanging art work and painting a room or two (just patching in some places). Its been a very busy month! And the work never ends!

studio reveal

Other than finding a place for everything in the kitchen and getting the master bedroom set up, the next room of importance for me was my studio space. Since I don’t currently have a day job, my full time job is domestic management (stay-at-home-dog-mom? haha…) and a bit of crafting/blogging so its important that I have the space to do all of this. You may have seen on Facebook my live studio tour, and just in case you want more pretty pictures to look at here is my studio reveal! And by pretty pictures I mean, oh-my-wow am I out of shape photographically speaking… can you tell its been a while since I’ve used my big camera? Poor thing was collecting dust.

Studio Reveal

First things first, here’s what the room looked like (before we moved in, obviously we have no need for a bright pink nursery). That Pepto Bismal pink just had to go. Two coats of primer and two coats of Evening White by Behr paint and we were finally able to cover it.


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