Beach Pillow DIY Buoy Pillow

Beach Pillow DIY #4, click to see nautical knots pillow,  navy stripe pillow and painted seastar pillow

Beach Pillow DIY Buoy Pillow

I did a combination of two different bolster pillows to end up with a buoy pillow. A case of the yellows and Sew it Love it.


Supplies needed:

  • (1) 5.5” circle
  • (1) 18″ x 18″ piece
  • (1) 18″ x 6.5″ piece
  • rope


  1. I painted a shell and rope design on with craft paint and then ironed it with a pressing cloth.
  2. Hem the white 18×6.5 piece of fabric 1/4” and another ¼” on each side
  3. Hem ¼” on top
  4. Hem ¾” on top (a finished looking hem)
  5. Fold body, sew 1/4”
  6. Line up seams on white and blue, sew ¼”
  7. Sew white “top” together stopping just before you come to the ¾” seam part
  8. Fold circle in half and mark both ends
  9. Pin circle and sew ¼”
  10. Stuff
  11. Slip rope into ¾” seam slot at the top and tie off

Ta-da! Buoy Pillow!

Check back May 24th for my next beach pillow DIY!

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