Beach Pillow DIY Anchor Pillow

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Beach Pillow DIY Anchor Pillow 


I thought this would be a fun and easy pillow to make. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It was a nightmare! I started with this tutorial. First, there was a problem with the template for the anchor (fixed version here). Next, there was the whole working in 3D, aspect. Sewing something anchor shaped is nearly impossible! Not your basic square pillow. If you feel up to the challenge, this is an advanced sewing project, so, not for beginners. I wouldn’t call myself an advanced seamstress, so this project was a bit of a headache for me.

If you want to tackle an anchor pillow, I suggest you try this one by Flamingo Toes. Its an applique technique, and normally I avoid applique but realistically I think it would be much more manageable than the anchor shaped pillow.

anchor pillow

Here are my notes and tips if you choose to make this anchor shaped pillow.

  1. You really only need 3 fat quarters, but you need a whole bag of stuffing. I used what I already had in my stash.
  2. Use lots of pins!
  3. Baste on the machine or hand sew
  4. Sew at 1/4″, not the suggested 1/2″, 1/2″ didn’t reflect the shape well.
  5. You’ll have some fabric gaps/overlapping where you make turns to follow the shape, I did an invisible stitch to close those gaps.
  6. I stuffed the anchor in parts before stitching the whole thing closed.
  7. Take your time. I got pretty frustrated with this project, and that doesn’t happen easily. I had to walk away a few times just so I wouldn’t toss the whole project. It can be done in a day however.






Did I mention lots of pins?



Where I pinned closed a fabric gap/ overlap.


Where I stitched closed a fabric gap/ overlap.


In the end my beach pillow DIY anchor pillow did turn out pretty good. I just wish it hadn’t been so difficult. The tutorial made it sound so easy! I wont be making another one of these ever again that’s for sure.

Check back for my next Beach Pillow DIY on May 26th!

If you don’t already follow my Nautical Nonsense board on Pinterest, you should check it out. Tons of fun ideas to make your coastal cottage ship shape!

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  1. mARICa says:

    Hi, I’ve found that DIY as well. And I’ve finished my pillow. Could say that it was not easy. I could not make the straigt line on sewing machine, so decided do everything by hand. And yeah, pity that it was template with error in DIY.

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