Hello Friends, Welcome to Naturally Liza

I came up with the name when I was taking a ‘nature writing & photography’ class in college. It was as a way for me to share the pictures I was taking. It has since evolved into a place to share my passion for crafting, DIY, sewing, cooking, baking, decorating & photography. I graduated college with a degree in Environmental Science during a time when jobs were scarce. I interned, I volunteered, I even did my time in retail. Nearly impossible to find something. So I turned to my sewing machine, my hot glue gun, my paints & started to document all that I did.

When I’m not being creative, I work in informal environmental education and spend my time with my husband and our pup.

My husband and I in Alaska on our Honeymoon. July 2014.



Gizmo - the mini dachshund terrier mix. Rescued 8/2013

Gizmo – the mini Dachshund Schnauzer mix (Schnoxie). Rescued 8/2013


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