What’s in my PCS folder

As promised, here’s whats in my PCS folder. For more tips and tricks on moving check out my previous post and my Pinterest Board. Some people prefer to use binders with dividers and pouches. I went with an accordion folder with dividers in it, like this.


Obviously there may be things you need to add or remove. This is just a basic list of what I’ve included in the folder. Trust me it really helps to have this all organized. And keep it with you at all times while traveling!



Good Luck!

PCS moving countdown {plus free moving checklists}


Its been a million miles a minute over here as we prepare to move to California in 29 days!! As if its not crazy enough just moving across the country, we decided to buy a house (still in the process, but hey, a place of our very own!). More on the house later in another post. Right now lets talk about PCS*-ing.

First things first, I made a moving timeline and PCS road trip essentials to share. AND a fancy PCS folder to hold essential paperwork (more on that later in another post too Here)! Organization is in my DNA, thankfully that part comes easy to me. I’d like to say I’ve checked a lot off the list, but we did get a slow start on some of the earlier stuff because of government hurdles mostly. The packing list is ideal for a road trip scenario where you’ll be camping half the time. I’ll be doing another post later on our road trip plans, stay tuned.

Moving Timeline

PCS road trip essentials

Click to download PDF free printable: Moving TimelinePCS road trip essentials

Got those printed out? Good. Now you can start slowly losing your mind! Just kidding. I’m a pretty serious list maker (thanks Mom!), but lately I’ve been trying a different technique called brain  mapping. This is todays brain map. Its almost noon and I’ve done… 2 things (once I publish this post that is). Yikes, better get cracking. IMG_0476


*PCS – Permanent Change of Station

Disclaimer: This is the second time I’ve moved with J, he moved once from Connecticut to Seattle without me. Our first move together was three years ago to Virginia. So this whole PCS thing is still newish to me. Obviously, for those of you who are pro’s at it feel free to share in the comments your tips and tricks. I’m no expert, this is just how we’r moving this time around.

Big Exciting News, We’re…

Guess what

Big exciting news guys! Now that we’ve told a few key people I can finally share on here that we’re… MOVING to Long Beach, CALIFORNIA! Admit it, I had you going there thinking I was going to announce something else. (devious laugh)

We found out on April Fools day, but its no joke. We’ll be PCS-ing (Permanent Change of Station) this summer. We’re still finding out the details, no date yet. I guess now I can do a series of posts about moving cross country and my tips for surviving the adventure. Plus, I imagine we’ll do a few road trip posts as we make our way back to the west coast.

We’ve already started to do research on the surrounding area, plus we have some good family friends already in the area to help with the transition. We know for sure we want season passes to Disneyland, and maybe even the Ducks hockey games.

Not sure exactly where we want to live yet, but thankfully there is Hotpads.com to help with the housing search. We’ve still got some time to find a place, but it’s fun to dream about what we want. For instance, we know we want at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, convenient commute to Long Beach, fenced in yard for Gizmo, garage, large-ish kitchen, and laundry. What would be fun to have? An older bungalow, or mission style home, a lemon tree, maybe even a pool.

We’re a tiny bit sad that our time in Hampton Roads has come to an end, we’ve got some friends here that’ll be hard to leave and I’m sad to leave my day job but I have a feeling that California will have many more opportunities for me.

So that’s it, the exciting news. We’re moving to CA this summer. Let the countdown begin. If anyone is familiar with he area, please give us some input! Things to do, places to go, things to see, etc…

Beach Quilt Top

Beach House

Beach Quilt Top

You may recall over the summer when I wrote about the Moda Beach House charm pack that I had purchased and was playing with. Well, I finally finished the blue top and sandwiched it all together! It’s now ready to be hand quilted. Sadly, I didn’t document the whole process. But who wants stitch by stitch photos anyways? Someday we may own our own beach house to display this fun quilt when its actually done.

If you’re unfamiliar with the fabric, its made by Moda, designed by Kate Nelligan and its called beach house. I managed to track down some of the fabric for the backing on Etsy from a wonderful shop called One More Yard. Its the turquoise small medallion, and let me tell you, this line of fabric is not easy to find anymore. I was lucky and I only needed 1.5 yards for the backing.

I found this really cool water drop fabric at my tiny local quilt store just up the street. They don’t have a huge selection but they do have some nice stuff. IMG_0327

The water drops add a nice fun boarder that doesn’t take away from the beach house line but still complements.


My sketch of what I wanted it to look like. I didn’t have a pattern, just a picture in my head. It was somewhat inspired by this quilt that I saw on Pinterest.


Ta-da? The somewhat finished product. Its all sandwiched with batting and basted now just trying to decide on a design to quilt. I’m thinking 1/4 inch on the color squares but something wavy on the white blocks. Thought?


I still have the warm tone top to make at some point. But maybe it won’t be a top at all. Maybe it’ll be something else entirely.

Now that i’ve had a chance to play with charm packs, I think they’re really fun and I can totally see myself buying more in the future. I may even mix it up and get layer cakes, jelly rolls and mini charm packs hehe.

Quilt Block of the Month Bonus

Quilt Block of the Month is where I feature and make at least one quilt block that I think represents the month. The blocks that I feature every month you can do any number of things with. You could combine them all into a quilt, or use them individually for projects like pillows or table runners. The goal is to use scraps of fabric I already have. I’ll try to stick to patchwork quilts with little to no paper piecing and applique blocks. Click the hyperlinks to see FebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptemberOctoberNovemberDecember and January.

block bonus


Happy Leap Day!! Here is a bonus round of quilt blocks to finish out the year. Sadly, I haven’t made any of these blocks. But hopefully once we move and I get that dream studio (wink wink) I’ll make them wall hanging size to display. Wouldn’t that be fun? This way I might actually get around to using some of those scraps I was supposed to use during this whole project.

Quilt Block of the Month Bonus

First up spool of thread by Bee in my Bonnet:



Next up, sewing machine by Snapshots Quilt Along:



Lastly, Moda Bake Shop:



Now I can reflect back on the whole year long experience (that went by quickly didn’t it?!). It was a lot of fun, I learned a few new techniques and fine tuned others. I’ve started playing with my own pattern designs more and understanding pattern building and the math (yay fractions!). I tried so hard to use fabric I already had, but, oh darn, I just had to buy more. I’m really going to need a bigger space when we move (hehe).