Painting my Front Door Blue

Painting My Front Door Blue

Our poor front door was looking a bit rough after we moved in, it is still a very solid door but its age was starting to show. There were some noticeable cracks likely caused by the intense summer sun, this door faces south-southwest so it gets ALL the sun. At first we thought about replacing the door with a classic 6-lite craftsman fiberglass door, but after pricing it out and looking at the required tool list, plus flying my handyman down for this project it just wasn’t feasible. Then, I briefly entertained the idea of just re-finishing it, but I REALLY wanted a fun colorful door. So after doing a bunch of Pinterest research I decided to dive into this project while J was away for work (welcome home to a new front door color!).

Supplies needed:

Repair: wood glue | patch & paint | putty knife | sanding block

Priming and Painting: Primer Paint (peaceful) | smaller roller brush | small brush for cutting in | plastic tarp

Hardware update (optional): Locks | kick plate | screw driver | cordless drill

Step one:

If your door is old but very solid like mine is, patch the cracks and holes in your door. I started out with a wood glue and a small putty knife to push the glue into the cracks. After it was dry I then used a fine grit sand paper to sand that down. I followed up with a little patch and paint for the larger crevices. After it was dry I sanded that down too. I sanded the whole door with a sanding block before I primed.

Step two:

Remove the locks and put plastic down.  I cut in with a paint brush, use a small roller to do the larger surfaces. Follow this tutorial for where to start painting the door. Follow your primers instructions for drying time. I gave mine a day and I only did one coat. I did my research and this primer really was the best one recommended.

Step three:

Start painting your door! I think I wound up doing three coats, I also only did the outside of the door. The inside of the door was in pretty good shape. I just need to touch up the cracks with a stain pen and some new glossy polyurethane. I went with the Modern Masters paint, 1) I liked the color options and 2) the fast drying time, 3) there’s an app that you can download to ‘test’ out the colors before you commit. I chose the peaceful color, I wanted a blue, but I also wanted something that would look good in all seasons with different porch decor.

Step 4 (optional):

Update the hardware. We went with the Kwikset Smart key Cameron in satin nickel. With the smart key option we were able to re-key the front door without paying for a locksmith and if we decide to rent the house out later being able to re-key the house for different tenants is kind of nice. This smart key option also allowed us to do the back door with the same key.

You’ll notice in this picture I still hadn’t done the top brass deadbolt, that lock involved a bit a tweaking to replace. #oldhouseproblems?

Step 5 (optional):

For a little bit more pizzaz and curb appeal, I installed a kick plate that compliments your new door color and hardware. It was super easy to install. I just taped into place with blue painters tape, used a small nail and hammer to start the holes that lined up with the holes on the plate and then screwed the wood screws into place with a cordless drill.

Step 6 (optional):

Eventually we’ll get around to updating our trim color and adding more weatherstripping to the door. I can tell there are a few places that I’ll need to touch up the door as well.

The door mat is from IKEA and the wreath is made by me.

Who else has tried painted their front door? What color did you go with?


Star Wars Man Cave

If you know us you know we have a thing for Disney and Star Wars.  So, when we bought our 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house in California, we of course needed Disney season passes and J needed his own space or “man cave’ if you will. Naturally it had to be Star Wars themed.

Here’s what the room looked like before we bought the house. Not much going for it except for the fabulous built-in’s, which was a major selling point for us. The previous owners REALLY liked brown…

We inherited the futon from them, but I covered it with a mattress protector and a red sheet after vacuuming it and spraying it down with pet oder eliminating spray (this one works great btw).

I painted the room the same colors as my studio BHER evening white on three walls and sparrow on the wall with the window.

Wampa rug, Yoda back pack, Boba Fette stein, and R2-D2 lamp are from ThinkGeek | Pillow and fleece throw Fabric are from Jo-ann’s

Storage cubes tutorial here | Guitar hooks found here | Storm trooper art from here | Curtains and sheets from target (similar here and here)

I bought J some of those star wars micro kites from ThinkGeek too, he was thinking about hanging them up in his room. We’d like to do some sort of display cabinet for his star wars LEGO too but there just isn’t enough room. This is a pretty tiny room, I’ve seen walk-in closets bigger than this.

Also, have you guys seen Pottery Barn Kids Star Wars stuff?? How cool is that? If we ever have a son, guess what theme his room will be… of course I guess you could do it for a girls room too, we don’t subscribe to gender norms here.

Star Wars Man Cave

Sew Easy 20 Minute Pot Holder



Happy Birthday to my husband! We like our craft beer in this house, so much that we brew our own from time to time. We may have our own two tap keg-orator in our living room and a Washington State beer Cap map as well as a few other novelty beer decorations. So, I thought it would be fitting if I made J some of his own brewing pot holders. I found this fabric (similar) about a year ago at Jo-Ann’s and knew I needed to make something for him with it.

Sew Easy 20 Minute Pot Holders

Supplies needed:

2-3 Fat quarters (or more) fabric

Insul-brite  or other thermal/heat resistant lining (I had bout about 1/2 yard for some Koozies)


Extra wide double fold bias tape (1 package made two for me)

Walking foot for your sewing machine (the project is pretty thick, and it would be challenging without one)


Cut your fabric:

I had a specific width I could work with because of the pattern of the front piece but you can adjust the size if you want something less rectangular. Cut one small front, one inner pocket lining (solid black in this case) 6″ x 6″, cut two for the back pieces (6″ x 10″).

2- 6″x6″

2- 6″ x 10″


Cut one 6″ x 6″ and one 6″ x 10″ of insul-bright. and layer with right sides facing out!



Next, stitch the front pocket bias tape. Follow this tutorial for how to sew on bias tape.


Stack your front pocked onto the back piece.


Follow that same tutorial to apply the bias tape to the whole project.



Check that out! Sew easy right?? I suppose if you wanted to get really fancy with the bias tape you could make a loop to hang, but I chose the simple route.



Let me know if you try making these! They make great gifts (because you know the holidays are coming up). I may make a few more in just some fun fabrics for my kitchen. We’ll see.

DIY Give Thanks Sign


This DIY Give Thanks Sign is just in time for next weeks holiday. It’s quick and easy too! While I was waiting around all day for the plumber to make the required repairs to our guest bathroom (and its still not done, round 2 tomorrow) I thought I would whip up a little thanksgiving sign for the mantle. We have wood leftover from the side yard gate (someday I’ll post pictures of that project). Its incense cedar and some of the planks look really cool, plus I get to inhale that wonderful wood smell when I make these types of projects.

Supplies needed:

Wood piece

Printed letters (or you can free hand if you’re awesome)


paint color of your choosing

tiny paint brush

washi tape to hold paper in place

DIY Give Thanks Sign

First, not pictured select the font and size of letters you would like to use and print them out. I thought about trimming out the individual letters again like I did with my DIY Rustic Biergarten sign but wanted to try a slightly different technique. I taped the pieces of paper down and used a pen to trace/outline the letters into the wood. This cedar is soft enough that I could get away with it. Then I carefully went over the indents left in the wood with pencil so I would have a better outline to follow when painting. I can see how having a Circut wold be helpful for this type of project haha.


Next I very carefully painted the letters with a very fine tipped brush and black paint.

Look at how cute and simple that is!img_1144

Hmm now imagine how that would all look on a white brick wall?? Perhaps?? I can’t decide if I want to whitewash the brick or not. There is some sort of coating on the brick so I’m not even sure that the bricks would take the paint.



ikeaFour months ago when I was at IKEA buying my studio KALLAX system I picked up a couple of their SIGNE rugs thinking that I would turn them into a floor pouf for the patio. I found a few patterns that I could have made work, but ultimately I didn’t want to cut the rugs. My sewing machine wouldn’t have been able to handle the material and I knew my fingers would find it challenging to hand stitch a floor pouf that would last.There are quite a few fun hacks for the SIGNE rug, from pillows, a basket and a purse, check out this site for some fun ideas. If you want more inspiration check out IKEA Hackers for all kinds of projects with IKEA products.

YesterdayI was digital window shopping for rugs (again) for the family room, master bedroom and guest bedroom. I pulled out the SIGNE rugs and thought, why don’t I sew them together and see what happens! Turns out it is possible to combine 3 of them into one super rug. Although, my fingers are a bit sore.


Materials needed:

SIGNE rug or other smaller rugs

large needle

cotton string or heavy thread


seam ripper




You’ll want to use a seam ripper to remove the tag. dsc_0004

Next use that giant needle and cotton string to stitch up the rugs. dsc_0005

Well would you look at that. One big SIGNE rug! I’m almost tempted to go to IKEA and pick up 3 or 6 more and make the rug even bigger (I’ll keep you posted if I decide to tackle this). Right now I’m leaning towards placing it in the living room because the navy (yes it is in fact NAVY) stripes go with the nautical theme happening in there. I have this rug from World Market in the living room right now, but I may move it to the master bedroom.


What do you thing? Worth a try yourself?